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Marathon Course


Handoff Point & Brett Robinson Cheer Zone Directions

To provide easy access and convenient parking for relay participants, there are four (4) hand-off points that provide a total of five (5) possible relay segments. One relay point is optional. A single team member may run more than one leg of the relay. Relay teams are responsible for transportation to and from relay handoff points.

Relay points will be marked with a cone and sign at each point. Relay runners will carry a yellow baton containing a team number chip. Runners will pass off the baton at the designated relay points

Handoff 1 & 3/Cheer Zone – Gulf Oak Ridge Trailhead
Head north from the Hangout on Hwy 59.
Turn right on Fort Morgan Rd (Hwy 135)
Follow Hwy 135 into Gulf State Park and mark a sharp left at Park Rd 2
Follow Park Rd 2 all the way to the end.
There is a parking lot next to the Gulf Oak Rid Trailhead
Relay handoff is at the water stop near the trailhead
This will serve as handoff points one (1) and three (3)
Family and friends can see your half marathoner at Mile 4 or your marathoner at mile 4 and Mile 16.5

Handoff 2/Cheer Zone – Catman Road Trailhead
Turn right on Beach Blvd out of the Hangout
Head east on Beach Blvd for approximately 5 miles
Turn left on Hwy 161 and go approximately 1 mile
Turn left on Catman Rd and parking lot will be on your left
Relay handoff is at water stop near the trailhead
Family and friends can see your marathoner at just past Mile 10

Handoff 4 – Rosemary Dunes Trailhead 
Turn right on Beach Blvd out of the Hangout
Head east on Beach Blvd for approximately 3.4  miles
Turn left on into the Rosemary Dunes Trailhead parking lot (just past Hotel Indigo)
Relay Handoff will be at the water stop 1/4 mile walk into Rosemary Dunes Trail

Relay Leg Distances

Leg 1 – 4 miles
Leg 2 – 6.5 miles
Leg 3 – 6 miles
Leg 4 – 6 miles
Leg 5 – 3.7 mile

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